First off…. who doesn’t want to be or date a surfer? Is it the way they talk…. the sun kissed hair and skin…. OR the perfect body? With this new fitness craze you can now get the body of a surfer without learning to surf! Did we mention it’s also on land and you don’t have to be near a beach? Surfset fitness machines are a trainer to mimic the movements of surfing and are now showing up gyms everywhere. The surfset board challenges the body in new ways by engaging your core. The surfset wants to get you the lean & toned surfer look. This is a complete body workout including cardio and flexibility.


What can you expect from surfset fitness?

  1. Core Strength-everything stems from the core
  2. Fat Burn-short bursts of high energy are the most effective
  3. Lean Muscle-tone limbs and rev up your metabolism

 Choose from four different programs…balance. Burn. Build. & blend.


 Surfset founders promise you’ll start seeing and feeling results in less than a week.

 Read more about surfset and their fitness mission online and see if there is one near you!