What You Eat is How You Act    by wholelisfestyle nutrition 


 We all know that your mood can make you affect your eating habits from overeating to completely killing your appetite. If your mood can effect your food, the opposite holds true! What you Eat plays a huge part in the way you feel and act.

 Sometimes you will notice right after you eat and sometimes gradually overtime as your diet shapes your mentality from the inside out

 A good analogy made by Dr. Mercola is you have two brains, one in your head and one in your gut. They are both created from the same tissue during fetal development.

 Having a healthy gut is first and foremost when trying to address your mental state.

 Foods like the ones below can cause chemical reactions in your brain that play a huge role in your mental health.

  • genetically modified foods
  • glyphosate
  • high-fructose diets
  • sugar
  • artificial sweeteners (aspartame)

 Providing your gut the nutrients it needs is essential to maintaining a positive mood. To start changing your mood day by day there are certain foods you should look in to.

 7 Foods to uplift your mood


  1. Dark Chocolate-   Anandamide, temporarily blocks feelings of pain and depression. Dark chocolate has been referred to as “the new anti-anxiety drug”
  2. Protein-     High quality protein like eggs or almonds keeps your blood sugar levels steady for more energy.
  3. Bananas-    Dopamine, a natural chemical that boosts your mood, rich in B vitamins which help your nervous system, and magnesium  which can also boost your mood.
  4. Coffee-   Research tells that coffee triggers something in your brain to activate stem cells which improves your overall brain health.
  5. Turmeric (Curcumin)-     Has neuroprotective properties and may uplift mood and help with depression
  6. Purple Berries -    Anthocyanins, aid your brain in the production of dopamine which helps coordination, memory function and your mood.
  7. Animal-Based Omega- 3 Fats found in salmon or supplement form, one study showed a 20 % reduction in anxiety among medical students who took Omega-3, while they also work as an anti-depressent without any side effects.


We also thought we’d throw in 3 mood-dropping foods to DITCH 

  1. Sugar-   Leads to fluctuations in blood sugar, which contribute to mood swings, and exert a toxic effect on your mood and mental health.
  2. Gluten-    Can promote depression and even more serious mental health problems.
  3. Processed Foods-    This includes all foods with trans fats, artificial colors, sweeteners, and other synthetic ingredients are linked to irritability and poor mood.

When you are eating right and giving your body the nourishing nutrients it needs you will look better physically and feel better mentally.