Top 10 Reasons to Detox

#1 Increase Energy

–The more efficient your metabolism, the more you get the end product of metabolism energy.


#2 Toxins

-Toxins from pollutants, chemicals, preservatives and pesticides, are stored in our bodies, tissues, and cells. They take their toll on our metabolism, slowing it down and causing inefficiency. A detox’s first goal is to clear away those toxins and jump-start your sluggish metabolism


#3 Prevention-

 Toxins don’t just slow down our metabolism, they’re responsible for many chronic diseases. A focused detox assists our bodies in ridding those toxins that are linked to cancer, heart disease, and many more.


#4 Immune System

- When our immune system isn’t at it’s a-game, we’re an open door for the cold and flu. A detox strengthens the immune system and gives our body a fighting chance against infection.


#5 Lose Weight

- Detoxing flushes toxins in fat cells, speeds up the metabolism, and ignites the burn.


#6 Slow Aging

-Toxins prematurely kill healthy cells wrecking havoc on the skins ability to generate collagen and elastin and creates crepey skin. Detoxing increases absorption of antioxidants and vitamins that help the body fight premature aging.


#7 Improve Quality of Life

- Our bodies aren’t operating at their prime when they’re loaded down with toxins. Do you suffer from depression, memory loss, headaches, digestive problems or insomnia? A detoxification can be a fresh start and the beginning of a new quality of life you haven’t experienced in quite some time.


#8 Give Your Skin a Glow

- I want you to feel as good on the outside, as you feel on the inside. Detoxing strengthens hair and nails, and will undeniably give you a natural healthy glow by nurturing the issue that creates these elements in the body


#9 Align Mind and Emotions

- When our body is working on all 8 cylinders, we can better face the world around us, grounded, secure and clear. You’ll make better decisions, and see the world differently and your feel good hormones are produced by the same metabolic pathways that toxins can bog down.


#10 Bring Balance Back

-All our body systems are designed to work together, but when they’re overloaded with toxins it becomes burdened and don’t have the performance body or health we desire. Detoxing brings back balance and helps all systems of the body work in unison.