How to Heal your Gut and Heal yourself.  By eatlocalgrown


The key to good health is a functioning digestive system. Problems in out gastrointestinal tract can be the core cause of many health problems, especially diseases like diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, and more. There are 4 essential steps to make get your gut functioning as it should.


  1. Remove –remove the bad and get rid of things  that are inflammatory such as alcohol, caffeine or drugs as well as gluten, dairy and soy. This determines if any of these foods are  causing problems in your body.
  2. Replace- replace the good. When taking things out of your diet, add good foods back in. You need digestive enzymes which come from raw food.
  3. Reinoculate- You need to restore beneficial bacteria to reestablish a balance of good bacteria. A good Idea is to take a probiotic supplement that contains bacteria like bifidobacteria. Consume foods high in soluble fiber as well.
  4. Repair- You need to provide the nutrients to help your gut repair itself. You need supplements like L-Glutamine, zinc, omega-3’s, along with Vitamins A,C, & E.

Your gut can either benefit you or take you down, depends on how you are treating it, so treat it right with the four step program.