7 Places to Buy Affordable & Cute Workout Clothes

1. JCPenny: JCpennys workout line "Xersion" is always running sales to make items even more cheap then they already were!

2. Old Navy: "Old Navy Active" has great basics and lots of different styles. They are also always having sales!

3. Target: "C9 Line at Target" is my personal favorite. Their workout clothes are cheap and are very high quality! There's been a few times my Target workout gear has been mistaken for Lulu Lemon at the Gym. :)

4. Academy Sports: Academy sports has name brand fitness gear on sale. Sort of like a "ross" or "TJmaxx" but purely fitness.

5. Kohls: Kohls has been stepping up their game lately in every level, and they just revamped all of their fitness stuff to look really good, but still kept it affordable. 

6. Forever 21: Already known for its fashion at low prices, their workout gear has all of the latest styles and trends and not to mention every color you can imagine! 

7. Fabletics: Owned by Kate Hudson, you go online and take a quiz and it will personalize a gym outfit for you. Did we mention your ENTIRE first outfit is only $25 ?!?!?