Five Sneaky Reasons Why You Cannot Seem to Lose Weight While Dieting and Exercising


One of the most frustrating feelings a person can get is when they try to do everything right yet they never get the results that they want. Examples of this are people who exercise regularly but aren’t lose weight. When you fail to lose weight even with all the exercising or dieting, it is obvious that you are doing something wrong. Do not blame your body composition or genetic history because all people lose weight similarly. Here are five sneaky reasons why you are not losing weight effectively.


You may not be burning an ideal amount of calories


When people perform cardiovascular exercises at the gym, you may notice that they are holding on to the railings found in the treadmill or elliptical machine. People who do this fail to burn an ideal amount of calories because they are getting a lot of help from holding on to the railings. In order to burn an ideal amount of calories, you must run or jog without any “crutches” aiding you.


Your cardiovascular exercise consists only of walking or mild jogging


How do you expect your body to lose excess fat when all you do is walk on a treadmill for 10 to 15 minutes? While this low-resistance level of exercise is beneficial to your heart functions; it does not cause you to lose weight. People who are successful at losing weight burn two to three times the calories that they eat in a single day. You may need to consider exercising more intensely.


You regularly eat low calorie diet food


For those unaware about this term, low calorie diet food is the equivalent of junk food that contains artificial fillers and chemicals. More and more research today suggests that these fillers such as artificial sweeteners actually make you hungrier, thus forcing you to binge eat on the wrong type of food. This results in you gaining more calories at the end of the day.


You are not consuming enough calories


Consuming way too few calories is a result of crash diets known as starvation dieting. When you starve yourself, you rob your entire body of receiving essential protein, fats, and vitamins to name a few. When your body does not have sustenance, it will ruin your metabolism, which will result in your body holding on to excess fat because it has no other source of food.


You regularly eat processed carbohydrates


Eating carbohydrates is not as simple as calories in and calories out. When you eat processed carbohydrates, these load your body with glucose, which is sugar. Examples of processed carbohydrates are white bread, white rice, and pasta that contain high amounts of glucose. For your body to burn excess fat, it must have very low amounts of sugar. With high amounts of sugar, your body will waste its energy into burning sugar instead of protein or fat.